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Candy Confetti sounds good to me! – Children’s photographer

So here is the grand finale of our Polkadaisies shoot– Sadie and Gavin modeling pieces from the “Candy Confetti” collection. Sadie has the bubble skirt and ruffle top, and Gavin has the necktie and shorts.  They loved jumping on the bed and having their big pillow fight just as much as I hoped they would!  I wanted these particular images to just scream “childhood”, and I think the fun colors of Becky’s “Candy Confetti” line just added to the theme.  It was the perfect way to end the evening.  It was fun for almost all of us (Right, Rich?).   : )   Hey, I didn’t get poison ivy like I thought I was going to, so that was a big plus!

Becky and I worked really hard to pull this shoot off the way we did.  I love working with her and feel honored to get to be the one to show her latest and greatest creations!  There were some important helpers behind the scenes, too, that helped make it all possible.  Our parents, of course, helped in more ways than one.  What would we do without them?  Rich, Lindsay B, Lauren BF, and I’m sure I’m leaving somebody out!??  I’m grateful to my family that so graciously allowed us to take over their property for a few hours.  Thanks to our cute little models and their parents for taking time out of their weekend to participate.  Now, I sort of feel like I just won an academy award or something! lol

I hope all the fun images from our shoot inspire my clients to step more out of the box with their clothing choices and ideas for our sessions.  It may be a little more work, but I think it is way worth it in the end.  The kids have more fun with it, too!

ENJOY!  (Now back to playing some MAJOR catch up!)

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