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The Time of My Life- Knoxville Kids Photographer

knoxville baby photographerHave you ever felt like you had so much to say, but you can’t seem to get the words out?  That’s me.  I think somebody once said that ‘the beginning of wisdom is silence’.  🙂 So maybe I’m just getting wiser.

Well, let’s see.  Life has been life, and it has been fast.  Some mornings I wake up, look and see my sleeping babies lined up beside me in the bed like little ducklings beside their momma, and I wonder how did I get here?  My business is doing well (interpretation- I’m as busy as I can stand to be; sometimes I feel like an assembly line rolling out pictures…), my babies are healthy, and I am at a happy place in my Christian walk with God.  No things are not perfect, or perhaps, the way I planned they might be, but I am so blessed.  Truly blessed.

It seems as every day passes, I realize just how precious time is.  I just started homeschooling Reagan last week (preschool).  We have a pretty sweet classroom set up and are spending 3-4 hours every day learning together.  I am loving every minute of it- as is she and her sidekicks Max and Emmy.  I know there are certain stigmas attached to homeschooling, but homeschooling is really more common than you think.  There are many reasons that I have made the choice to home school, but the main one is TIME.  I want their time.  I want to give them my time, too.

Even just last night, I had the girls out in a field by our house  just photographing them for fun.  (Yeah, for fun!  Do you know how long it has been since I photographed them for no occasion?  Just fun?)  Sometimes, I look at them and it’s like time stops for the slightest moment- allowing me to marvel in them.  I was shooting them, looking through my lens, seeing the wonderfully made workmanship of our God in slow motion.  I just kept thinking how blessed I am.  There are mothers grieving in this very moment for the loss of their child.  How selfish would it be to just carelessly live my life and not realize what I have!  I want to take the time to really just “take them in”, enjoy them, love them, help them, teach them, and be with them–more and more everyday.   They make me want to be a better person- the person I want to be.  Knoxville Portrait Studio I took these shots quickly one night before dinner while we were at the beach.  It just took a couple “ring around the rosies” to get them covered in sand so it was over pretty fast.  Looking back at these, it made me wish I had given beach photos a better effort.  Just the thought of photographing the three of them on the beach exhausted me, but at least I have a couple keepers of the girls.  I did, however, do a mini session with them in the gorgeous field of flowers that I shot them at last year.  I will share some soon!

You know, I miss doing “personal” posts on the blog.  I have just been so busy, I have not felt like I had time to indulge.  I may try to share some of our home school adventures, though.  Time will tell.  🙂  I’ve really been trying to identify the things that “steal” my time and keep myself focused.  There is only so much of me to go around, and I’m trying to give more of me to my children, my family, and my Heavenly Father, too.   Until next time…

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