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Winter Blues- Knoxville Senior Photographer

Anyone else ready for some consistent sunshine?  As I was walking in the studio yesterday afternoon (to photograph sweet baby Sullivan), I felt the warmth of the sunshine falling on me and I admit, it was refreshing!  I consciously realized how feeling the warmth of the sun even for only a brief moment-made me feel happy!  Thank goodness I do have a studio!  I am not tough enough to shoot out in wintery conditions! I am looking forward to spring and getting back outside for sessions.

My blog has been on the quiet side the past few weeks, I confess.  Ironically, nothing else in my life has been so quiet!  I have been consumed with getting myself geared up for the new year- a lot of behind the scenes stuff that would probably bore you.  I guess if you are reading this, you may have noticed my blog has a different look.  I know it it isn’t a major change, but I wanted a fresh, new look.  I am still tweaking some things.  Hope you like it!

Life at the Stanfill household has been routinely crazy.  The kids are very busy and require lots of attention right now.  Reagan and Emmy are fighting a lot (pinching, pulling hair, and whatever else they can do).  Truth be told, Emmy actually does most of the hurting and Reagan either breaks down screaming and crying or tries to retaliate (which is not often, at all).  They are just so different!  I remember studying birth order in college.  I totally think there is something to it!

I am in the process of finding someone to come to the house a couple days a week to watch the kids and give them LOTS of playtime.  This is exciting for me because I need sometime for myself!  I will be able to get my work done and not feel guilty about them needing more playtime and attention.  I have often been intimidated by the idea of having someone come- it has taken me 4 years to break down and get help!?!  I have always been the type of person to want to try to do everything myself-  a perfectionist-at-heart, I suppose.  I don’t know.  I just know I am not as big as all of my responsibilities right now.  That hurts to say, but is true.  So kuddos to me for acknowledging the obvious and moving forward! lol

I’ll leave you with this image that was taken in the rain, but is beautiful, nonetheless.

high school senior outside wearing dramatic clothing knoxville tn

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