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“Golden Retriever”

Almost a month ago, this sweet golden retriever came to my parents’s house- a stray.  What a terrible label- “stray”.  No one would ever want to be known as that, right?  I am not sure what the official definition of “stray” is, but I would guess it would be something like “no home” , “lost”, or ” unloved”.  Since my childhood, I have always had such a soft spot for stray animals.  I always begged to bring them home, and often, my parents let me.  They were really in trouble when I got my driver’s license and could just stop on my own and pick them up without having to get permission! LOL

Well, we live close to my parents and spend a lot of time over there.  So anytime they get a stray dog, it ALWAYS figures out where we live.  It will be running the road back and forth between our houses- usually, staying wherever the kids are at.  So, of course, this one stayed mainly at our house and quickly won our hearts.  He was crazy about the kids and sooo smart!  They loved playing fetch and shake with him and laughing at his silly behaviors.  Reagan named him “Golden Retriver”.   You would just have to hear it come out of her little mouth to appreciate it.  You got to love the names that children pick out for their pets!  Too often, Reagan thinks of names like “Brownie” or “Blackie”.  SO ORIGINAL, right?  (You know that drives my creative spirit crazy!  LOL)

After about a month’s stay and a lot of pleading with facebook friends (LOL), I could not find a home for him.  We tried to keep him in our backyard and he kept escaping.  I didn’t really have the time to commit to his care, but didn’t have the heart to keep him out in front yard- where he was chasing cars and almost getting hit by a car everyday!  Someone reminded me that there was probably a golden retriever rescue group.  So I did a google search and found the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriver Rescue. In less than one week, we were able to get him into their care.  I surrendered him to the rescue group yesterday evening on my way to a fund raising event at the Episcopal School in West Knoxville.  They will be dedicated to finding him a good home!  YAY!

We are already missing him and Reagan has had a few melt-downs over it.  It feels so good, though to know that I might have saved his life.  Please hop over to their website and check out their organization.  Hopefully, they will be listing him under the name “Buddy” soon.  (LOL- I guess Golden Retriever wasn’t a great name???)

Here’s a little collage I created for the rescue group during the whole process.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure “rescued” sounds and feels way better than “stray”.  : )

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