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Belly be Gone!!

Oh BOY!  I just have a few days left of toting around this big, big belly.  I’m feeling lots of different emotions as we are getting ready to welcome our 3rd child into the family.  I’m sure you can imagine how things are probably already crazy at our house and how the chaos is getting ready to multiply!  I had hoped to do some maternity shots earlier than now- before the point of feeling huge and miserable, but it seems that pictures of my own children and family always come last.  Taking belly pictures is something that I wasn’t that crazy about doing for myself, but I was reading what another photographer friend had written about doing her maternity pictures recently…  she had shared a quote- “We are the custodians of our children and grand-children’s memories.”  She said, “I don’t really feel like I need another picture of me in this state, but this is for our son and his children, so that they can glimpse back into this insignificant moment in our life and hopefully know us a little better for it.”  This really stuck with me.  So it doesn’t matter how fat and yucky I feel.   These pictures are not for me.  They are for my children and my grandchildren.  How awesome will it be for them to have these pictures when they are adults raising their families??? 

Can I just say it was NOT easy to get any of these shots.  =) 



I should have checked the finger paint before we left the house.  It was dried up, but we still managed to get the shot.


I had ordered these cute beanie hats for my girls for their Valentine’s Day pictures.  I just love them.  But, we never got around to those Valentine’s pictures so they worked nicely for the maternity shots.  I wanted to try to get some of them in their hats and sweet heart shirts from Polkadaisies.  I hope the next few series of pictures make you laugh.  I would love to have a picture of my children sitting perfectly in a chair, smiling real sweet together… haha  MAYBE ONE DAY!  Instead, they see picture time as a time to be silly and goofy. 

Oh well, it is what it is.  This is really how they are.   And, although, it stresses me out sometimes, I love it, and I love them just exactly how they are.  Enjoy!





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